Social media. Why, when and how.


Social Media

Be sure that every window in to your business has a beautiful view!

3.48 billion people now use social media. If you and your organisation don’t use it, now’s the time you probably should. 

It’s more than likely that your target audience and your current customers will be using one or more of the many social media platforms that are out there. This doesn’t mean you should have a presence on all social media platforms, but the ones that your audience and the ones that you as a business can utilise for growth and also brand awareness. 

“You must have a plan to obtain long term social media success”

You must have a plan to obtain long term social media success and It should fit nicely into your marketing strategy and can be filled with various content, success stories and also company updates. Having a plan to follow will also prevent the panic of what to post and when. 

When to post is also something you will have to look into. Learn when your audience is using a social media platform, no two platforms are the same. Facebook may be busier at lunchtime but Twitter could be busier towards the end of the day. On average a person will spend 2.5 hours on a social media networks a day! 

Many people believe that because you are on social media that it’s a box ticked. But to really have a presence, you need to be consistent and really put yourself into the shoes of your audience, and potential audience, and think about what they want and when they want it. 

“Video content especially, is ideal for grabbing people’s attention…”

Visual content has proven to do very well when engaging and getting people’s attention. Video content especially is ideal for grabbing people’s attention as well as portraying your organisations personality and brand. 

The number of followers you have may look good but quality is better than quantity. If you’re aim is to get people to engage with your posts, you need to have the right followers but also follow the right people. If you want to build your followers there’s no point following anyone who’s anyone. You need to follow people who would be interested and would want to read, share and take notice of your social media. 

The simplest things can also make the biggest difference. Efficiently using hashtags and also tagging clients or customers in your posts can help generate more organic impressions. Using hashtags will automatically help you reach a wider audience but using too many will not help your cause. They also need to be relevant to your post. 

More often than not, users over-complicate their posts by hash tagging anything and everything to do with their post. Choose a few that you believe will be the most effective and the ones that you think people will be searching for.

“We establish goals, measure results and consistently refine our approach…”

At JackFrancis Media we offer Social Media Management. We work closely with marketing managers to come up with ideas and take note of events and specific days of the year and their importance to your business. We produce content to support your plan such as video, infographics and animations and also post on your behalf following the schedule that has been agreed upon. We establish goals, measure results and consistently refine our approach to ensure maximum impact. We get to know you and your businesses mission, vision and values and will support these goals and aspirations via your social media platforms.

Your social media channels are a window in to your organisation that you have ultimate control over. Be sure that every window in to your business has a beautiful view!